25 - 29 May 2020, Radialystem

In May 2020, we hosted a one-week-long workshop titled A Score for the time being, as part of Radialsystem’s festival “New Empathies: Far from a distance”. 

The participants were adults of different age groups and located in various geographic coordinates. The objective was to create a communal garden that could allow shifting perspectives of matter and temporalities. We contacted the participants via daily letters inviting them to listening, movement and writing tasks. Each day had a different focal point of “vibrant matter” (dust, water, sonic objects) and through these encounters we studied our ever-evolving states: “becoming fruit, trees, bacteria, roots and moist soil, being buried and transformed...”. 

The correspondence with the participants was alongside their contributions that were then shared to an online cloud, forming the digital garden. 

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How do gardens think? 

Scores for Gardens is a self-organised, interdisciplinary group working with performance, garden studies, and pedagogies since 2019. Taking as a starting point the multilayered concept of the garden, we collectively practice the nourishment of support structures that foster embodied research and reciprocal learning.
We make scores that manifest through sound, text, and movement by digging into the polyphonic and even dissonant relationships and temporalities of ecosystems.

Scores for Gardens is founded and composed by theatre-maker and performer Katrine Leth Nielsen (Copenhagen), choreographer and performance artist Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez (Berlin), curator and writer Angeliki Tzortzakaki (Amsterdam) and recently joined by transdisciplinary designer Toni Brell (Amsterdam).