Sunday 21 March 2021, 6pm-8pm
Kunsthaus KuLe (in the gallery entrance/window), Berlin

Vibration - notes on touch is the first chapter of the programme Towards the Possibility of a Garden and takes place in conjunction with the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere after which the latter tilts toward the Sun.

We connect that day to mark a stepping stone on the awakening of our bodies, that have been deprived of senses, touch and pleasure. By activating a series of tasks and reciting spells for the spring to come, Scores for Gardens tries out to mark a crack in the glass walls of isolation, and let this crack cause a series of non-linear reactions and breakthroughs allowing possibilities of touch and pleasure differently.

If all matter is imbued by liveliness how can we let vibration become more present? How is the world affected by our touch if “to touch is to be touched in return” (H. Vourloumis)?

Hosted and embodied on site by Maciej Sado.

Towards the Possibility of a Garden is a research-based public programme stretched within non-consecutive 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices. It is a constellation of workshops, reading groups, performances and installations. 

The programme will unfold in four chapters following the circular temporality of nature and garden-ing and it will be made public via
With the support of the Gwaertler Foundation.


How do gardens think? 

Scores for Gardens is a self-organised, interdisciplinary group working with performance, garden studies, and pedagogies since 2019. Taking as a starting point the multilayered concept of the garden, we collectively practice the nourishment of support structures that foster embodied research and reciprocal learning.
We make scores that manifest through sound, text, and movement by digging into the polyphonic and even dissonant relationships and temporalities of ecosystems.

Scores for Gardens is founded and composed by theatre-maker and performer Katrine Leth Nielsen (Copenhagen), choreographer and performance artist Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez (Berlin), curator and writer Angeliki Tzortzakaki (Amsterdam) and recently joined by transdisciplinary designer Toni Brell (Amsterdam).